Digital Marketing Trends 2021

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Digital marketing is constantly evolving over time. Over the years, new ideas and technologies emerge to take over the world! Here are a few digital marketing trends to watch for 2021.

Artificial intelligence

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It’s continuing to evolve over time and it shows us impressive new assets. Something we already know, chatbots, will surely become more and more popular on websites. Instead of experiencing some delayed answering, an automated chatbot can inform your website visitors precisely and quickly! 


Automation will also become more and more used, as it becomes more reliable and convenient. It will also be an opportunity to save a lot more time to be able to devote it to the essentials.


Instant messaging applications

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Instant messaging applications, used globally every day, are slowly making their way into the business world. Soon, it will be completely normal to exchange with a prospect on Whatsapp, Messenger or Instagram via direct message. Speed and proximity are dominant here, which is a strong point for these instant messaging applications, which are attracting more and more customers and companies. 


Whether it is to give information or to do prospecting, it will be common to contact a specific person directly rather than using a company email address. This reinforces the human side of the exchange!


Hyper-targeted advertising

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The targeting of Internet users will become very much precise in 2021. Advertisements will be able to be delivered using many more precise criteria, which will help you be sure to reach the right audience. Hyper-targeted advertising could be done directly on web browsers or even on social networks in order to have maximum reach!


Whether it’s someone who has only visited your site, someone who has abandoned their shopping cart, or even someone who has just subscribed to your newsletter, the ads will become more personalized according to the different visitor profiles. The algorithm could also take into account the exact needs and interests of consumers by analyzing their search history.


Le référencement local


The geographical location of your company will soon help you acquire more customers. In fact, people tend to have more confidence in companies located near them! 


Thanks to Google My Business, you can indicate the location of your business and thus appear in the searches of visitors living nearby. 


Also on social networks, indicating a position in a publication can boost your visibility. Whether it is for people who subscribe to that location or for those who live there.

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Influence marketing

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Influence Marketing has not stopped taking up space in the year 2020 and even more than ever for the coming year. Influencers are more and more popular on social networks and are becoming a real communication channel. Now a profession in its own right, influence is one of the most effective methods to correctly target a specific audience!


Choosing an influencer to promote your services or products has become a hub of digital marketing. An influencer has a community that is most often targeted, allowing you to have a direct impact on a large mass of personalities. A person they trust presents a product, and they feel like trying it.


By choosing an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to organize contests offering one of your services or products. Often, the terms of the contest stipulate that to participate, users must follow your account. Most of the time, it’s because they are interested! You enlarge your own community by only including a targeted audience.

Content marketing

Content marketing will push its limits even further by 2021! Don’t neglect video content, which is increasingly popular these days. Whether it’s an audio podcast or a real video, the content that can be listened to and/or watched is the one that most interests prospects who share your interests. 

To keep your community alive, you can also create interactive content. A survey, a contest with prizes to be won or open-ended questions, all of this does not go unnoticed and your community will love to give its opinion! Especially if you take it into account afterwards. It’s also a way to get to know your community and understand it better.

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In order to correctly follow these different digital marketing trends in 2021 and increase your visibility on the internet while staying up to date, BStaff can help you in your content and influence marketing! Thanks to our different offers, we will improve your digital marketing strategy to make it even more effective. So don’t hesitate any longer, ask for our services!