Social media trends for 2021

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In 2021, new social media trends are coming and they are coming fast. Some of them already existed but are now growing in popularity and others are just coming to the forefront. Some of them also project a rather different future for social media, which promises a growing evolution. Here are some social media trends to watch out for in 2021!

Conversational marketing

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As we can see for many companies, customer services are moving more and more towards instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger. 


This is not without a reason! Customers have always wanted quick and accurate answers to their problems, and the solution is simple: instant messaging.


Not having the impression of talking to a robot but to a real human being is also a great advantage. Seeing the person writing and reading your messages gives a feeling of humanity, which customers like.

Many well-known brands have taken a liking to conversational marketing. We can mention Adidas, which has brought its consumer service to WhatsApp.

Video content still in the social media trends

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Videos are taking off on social media! Video formats generate 30% more interactions than photo content. More and more social medias are integrating short videos on their platform like Instagram’s Reels for example. Instagram has also hit hard with a longer video format, the “IGTVs”, which can produce quite long episodes on certain topics. 


When it comes to video content, we must mention TikTok. This social media has become very popular with the younger generation, but not only! During the Covid crisis, all generations came together on the different social medias to produce video content. 


Some influencers and companies also took the plunge, creating funny or educational content to entertain or inform their community.

Micro-influencers in the spotlight


Micro-influencers have become more and more popular these days, following a personality that you relate to in terms of hobbies or personality is normal if not imperative today on social media!


Whether it’s for sports, drawing, fashion or beauty, there is no lack of micro-influencers, and you may need them in the future!


As their evolution is lightning fast, it’s time to use influencer marketing for your communication strategy! By finding the right influencer to represent you, you’re sure to boost your sales in no time.

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Podcasts are back in the social media trends

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It’s the undeniable return of podcasts! More and more celebrities are sharing their podcasts on social media, listenable during a commute or at home, quietly. The fact that the images are absent allows the consumer to be focused on the podcast, and it is easily adoptable!


Programs, training… Anything can be done in podcast form. Audiobooks may have impacted this popularity, but there’s no doubt about it: podcasts are coming back in style this year, so get ready to hear them everywhere, and even make them! There is even a new network emerging: ClubHouse, which allows to create voice-only rooms, often used for conferences.

The rise of augmented reality (AR) ?

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We all know the famous Snapchat and Instagram filters, allowing to adopt a funny or even scary appearance: these filters please everyone, almost without exception! Some cosmetic companies even go as far as launching applications where you can try on makeup or even glasses!


If you look a little further, you will find augmented reality content. More and more brands are working on it so that we can see their product directly at home! Whether it’s to test a potential new sofa or other supplies, more and more brands are using augmented reality social media filters to promote their products. Partnerships are often established, especially on Snapchat.


You are ready for the year 2021 with these different social media trends. Producing content is not easy, and for it to be qualitative, you have to spend time on it and above all, you have to want it! BStaff can take care of that for you, with its experienced and passionate community managers, so don’t hesitate, contact us now!

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