Search Engine Optimization SEO : How to improve it

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The best way to improve the notoriety of your website is to take care of your natural referencing. It’s this little thing that allows you to appear on the first pages of results on search engines such as Google! To achieve this, we list some small Search Engine Optimization, SEO advices that will help you improve the visibility and quality of your website.

Search Engine Optimization : SEO Onpage

We call it SEO on page. With some plugins on WordPress, you have the opportunity to find out what the Search Engine Optimization needs of your web page are. For example, it is very important to use an H1 title tag for the title of the page or article. Of course, it must reflect the rest of the content! H2 and H3 titles are also important for the SEO score of your website. 


You can also mention the text ALT of your images, where you can insert not only a short description of the image but also keywords related to your business! These keywords will allow you to specialize in your sector. They will appear on the front page when someone types them on their search engine. The search for keywords must be rigorous and precise in order to obtain the best results.

Start a blog on your website !

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Creating a blog on your website will help you considerably improve your SEO score! Search engines mostly analyze text content, so a blog is an ideal tool to reference your website. Of course, you need to take care of it and provide it regularly with qualitative articles that reflect what your site wants to convey.


Title tags and text alt tags are as important on your blog articles as they are on your web pages, so don’t neglect them! Adding images can not only make your content more dynamic, but it also has a positive impact on your SEO score. However, don’t just put just any images! First of all, make sure that they are free of rights and, most importantly, that they are related to your text content. Otherwise, search engines may penalize you!

Search Engine Optimization SEO : Internal and external links

We can never say it enough! Backlinks are very important for your natural SEO. You have several ways to acquire them: you can pay for an influential site to talk about you. You can also register on free or paid directories. The best solution is to exchange links with sites related to yours, do some guest blogging. But beware! If you decide to buy links that are not related to your activity, it is possible that search engines will penalize you. If you do it again, it is possible that you will be blacklisted and therefore very badly referenced.


Internal links also improve your Search Engine Optimization or SEO: for example, a button on your home page redirects you to another page of your site, quite simply! Creating this link also allows you to structure your website and give visibility to all your pages. Whether product pages or a redirection to another article written by you.

Correct errors and secure your website

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What is very important is to secure your website for HTTPS. Many Internet users leave a website when they see that it is not secure. This is what can make you lose a lot of potential customers!


Look for errors on your website! Whether it is a broken link, a page that takes too long to load or a 404 error on one of your pages. These things have a negative impact on your SEO. So it’s time to hunt down the errors and correct them all!


Of course, this is not an easy task either. Improving your SEO score can be complicated for some people and it can take a lot of time. At BStaff, your 360° communication agency, our experts in Search Engine Optimization or SEO can correct these mistakes for you, so you can focus on your core tasks.

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