How To Develop Effectively Your Communication Strategy ?

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In a plan to expand its services and develop its network, Bstaff is now committed to offer digital services. We now permit you to communicate within your company on a national and international scale. In addition to our translation and staff services, our aim is now to help you develop your company’s communication strategy. By promoting your products, developing your digital communication and, of course, acquiring and retaining new customers.


The points of contact with your customers and prospects have multiplie.: Today customers expect good communication and clear offers with a real value.


Faced with this richness and diversity, our experts will help you define a communication strategy adapted to your objectives. Also, optimize and implement your digital marketing actions.


We will list a few key points of communication that will boost your sales. Remember design can be one of your Brand Ambassadors.


A must in your communication strategy : Brand Identity 

In order to develop your communication strategy effectively, it is essential that your customers recognize you. They should find a link between your business and all your publications on your different platforms. For them to remember you and use your services, it is essential that your brand identity is strong.


Brand identity is important because it refers to how your customers perceive your business. It is what characterizes your company. That’s how a brand manages to behave towards its customers by remaining true to its positioning and values.


To have a strong brand identity, a company must be able to provide the same quality of service in any situation, at any time. Companies that are constantly changing their design, offer, pricing policy, will find it very difficult to build a strong brand identity.  One that will remain in the minds of consumers for a long time.


The consistency of a brand identity is linked to its coherence, which is linked to stability. This consistency is built in particular by using the same codes, the same designs on all channels. Website, social networks, emails, advertisements… Now, how to go from a brand identity to a visual brand identity?


Creating engagement through design

The visual identity of a brand is what makes it memorable. It’s the way a brand succeeds in expressing its brand identity through image. Through its logo,the typography used, the layout and design of its website, the colours, the photos, etc. It is a brand’s ability to convey its values through images.


A company’s visual identity is what allows your partners to easily identify you and retain their attention. To develop your communication strategy effectively, it is necessary that your visual identity conveys the image of your company. It’s an essential element for the promotion and development of your brand awareness. 


This is where we intervene. Bstaff wishes to help you find an identity that best matches the values, commitments, products or services your company offers. We help you in the research and creation of what will define your company. 


We will make your company’s identity, its activity, its values, its vision reflect as well as possible through the creation of graphic elements for your different platforms.


Consistency in your communication strategy

Indeed, the logo is the most recognizable element of your brand, of what you are and what you do. It appears on multiple supports, whether it is your website, your business cards, your social networks or your online advertisements. It is the visual representation that allows you to recognize your brand. Visual elements are perceived instantly, immediately, hence their importance to your business. They are the ones that will create the first impression of your visitors and potential customers towards your brand.


We are committed to ensuring that your brand identity is clearly defined through all the visual components of your communication media. If the visual elements you use do not reflect your values, then your audience will perceive this inconsistency.


Once your identity and visual brand identity are created, they must remain consistent and last over time to allow for an effective development of your communication strategy. 


Achieving some form of consistency is important so that your customers can recognize you easily. B-staff will set for you stylistic and communication rules, to help you create a consistent digital experience. 


Consistency helps consumers recognize your brand, which is crucial in a loyalty-building perspective.



Bstaff can help you with your communication strategy

To make your brand easily recognizable, Bstaff will make sure that all the elements used in marketing your brand fit together harmoniously, thanks to the remarkable design consistency we have. We will ensure that this consistency is found everywhere, on all channels, including social networks.

We will create a style, design, communication and tone for you to help your customers recognize you easily at different points of contact. 


In this fast-changing world, relying on a trusted partner is a must.

This is why Bstaff has chosen to bring you its expertise of the internet in general, infrastructures, but also tools, methods and social networks to make your online presence a full channel, complementary to your traditional activity.


Bstaff will help you to define your objectives and will put in place the necessary means to reach them. Our commercially oriented team of designers will help you build customer loyalty through an elaborate, consistent and easily memorable brand image.


We know what type of device to deploy and above all on which social networks to rely on, using which types of content, while targeting the types of campaigns to implement according to your needs. The challenge we will take up will be to integrate this strategy into your company’s overall strategy. Check out our full Design Service range by clicking here


Trust Bstaff, we will impress you !

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