Digital ads : What can i use for my business ?

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Digital ads have become an essential part of communication and marketing! Almost all businesses have turned to the internet to promote their products or services. This is not without good reason! You have a multitude of choices to promote your business. And if you make the right choices, the return on investment can go beyond your expectations.


Before, digital adverts were just a few banners or pop-ups on popular sites, or not. But with the development of ad blockers, this technique has become less and less popular (even if some sites block their content if the user does not deactivate his ad blocker…).

In order not to make users feel harassed by all this raw advertising, you have several alternatives that are no less effective (maybe even more)!

Google for your digital ads

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Google, our dear best friend. Most of us use it every day whether it’s for random searches or to find something we need. With that in mind, we realize that we want our website to be the link that people click on! And for that, we can use Google Adwords. 


Google Adwords allows you to buy keywords in order to be referenced at the top of the search results, as an ad! If you sell phone covers and you buy the keyword “phone cover”, you will be sure to generate a lot of traffic on your site. But keep in mind that you may not be the only one who wants that top position in the search results! Often, whoever ranks first is the one who wins a bid on the chosen keyword. It’s up to you to choose a relevant keyword that not all advertisers would think of directly. 


Google Display can also allow you to buy advertising spaces on Google’s partner sites! There, you have to give everything in terms of visuals and content.. Because that’s all you will have to attract your customers. First, you have to define your target! Make sure that it is consistent with your business so that your digital ads have the most impact possible.

Social media to promote your business

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram… Everything is good to advertise your services or your products! On all three platforms, you have the option to pay to put your publications in front or simply create a sponsored ad. Once again, you’ll have to target your audience. It’s not interesting for a guitar dealer to promote them to people who don’t care at all. 


You have the opportunity thanks to the targeting criteria to hit the bull’s eye by choosing the right audience that can be interested in your offer. Don’t forget that on social networks, the visual is very important. You will have to work on it until it is perfect. 


A nice publication attracts the eye and a good content makes you want to click, so give everything in your digital ads campaign!

Digital ads help you better target your audience

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Whether you want to reach a large audience or a small one, advertising on the Internet gives you the choice, unlike print or TV ads. The advantage is that you can create several campaigns for several of your targets! 


  • Your main targets, which are a large group of people potentially interested in your products
  • Your core audience, which is a smaller group of people who are part of your main targets. These people are sorted according to several criteria of your choice
  • Your secondary targets, which are likely to encourage other people to buy your services.

You can also turn to influence marketing and give your trust to an influencer to promote your business. Whether it’s a macro, micro or nano-influencer, you have the choice again! Depending on who you want to reach, remember to turn to someone you trust ! Someone who produces content that is consistent with your values, services and products!


If you still haven’t decided to get into digital ads after reading this article, you may be lacking experience in the field. You can always take online training, but it can consume a lot of your time. We can help you build your digital strategy and we can take care of promoting your business on the internet! Whether it’s with paid advertising, inbound marketing or influencer marketing, our experts will take care of everything. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

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