Bstaff, b2b digital marketing & events agency

We represent French quality and Brazilian authenticity! Let our sales-driven staff and digital influencers represent your company worldwide. 

Our expertise

B staff is the global b2b Digital Marketing and Events Agency specialized in hiring influencers and other talent to help you achieve your goals. We offer digital and events’ talent to help you export your goods and services worldwide!

Customized services

From client relations, to talent management, we build a world where any brand can stand out and every talent is recognized. We are personal. We are experts. We are the blend between French quality and Brazilian authenticity.

Fast hiring system

At Bstaff you are a few clicks away from hiring the best staff for your events and digital campaigns. We use the right tools to make the hiring process faster and efficient so you can use your time and energy doing what really matters.

B2B lead generation

With our services the relationship with your clients and business partners will grow better and longer. Our sales-focused team perform filtering leads for you so you can work on real clients. In other words, you gain time and money!

Available worldwide

Bstaff's reach has spread across the globe to include multiple services and reach geographically among 15 countries and two offices. We're proud to adapt out offer all over the world and provide talent and translations wherever our clients need.

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Take your marketing to the next level

First impressions are generated by experiences and environment. It is our mission to ensure every impression is remarkable, in the same vein, we believe that creating a positive environment for all people involved is a must!

Bstaff - b2b Digital Marketing and Events Agency

Global Influencer Agency

B2B Digital Marketing 

Staff for Online Events

Bstaff - b2b Digital Marketing and Events Agency

With over 7 years in the business and over 10,000 successfully accomplished events, brand activations and Influencer Campaigns, our track record speaks for itself. Check out our reviews! 

Sales-focused Hostesses and Translators

Trade Shows and events hostesses are the 'calling card' of your booth or event, it's the first thing the visitor will notice so it needs to cause a good impression. Besides being extremely likeable, a hostess should also show knowledge about the product and be focused on filtering the visitors bringing you qualified leads. ​

Digital Talent

After Covid-19, Bstaff kept diversifying its offer and it's now hiring Digital talent. Digital is a keep growing market with many opportunities. Among the talent we offer are: digital influencer, webinar moderator, online translator and more.

Catering and staff for events

Whatever the circumstances are, Bstaff is there to make your event even more special. We offer competitive rates and work with the best suppliers wherever your event is, guaranteeing you and your clients an incredible experience. Among our talent you will find: waitress and waiter, bartender and barista and security staff for events.

Translations and printings

This service requires experienced translators with full knowledge in different areas of expertise. Information must be transcribed from one language to another without losing its true meaning. For this, we have a careful review process, ensuring that the final translation has no errors and is true to its original version. Here you will find: Brazilian translator, American translator, Chinese translator, Spanish translator, etc.

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