Making a landing page : some tips to be successful

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You must have noticed that more and more websites are making a landing page in order to generate more interactions with their prospects. These pages have been created with care following a specific plan to make it work! Here are some tips to create a good landing page.

Define your landing page's objectives

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Before you start creating it, you need to know why you are making this landing page! You can create one for example to :

  • Present a product
  • Encourage visitors to sign up to your newsletter
  • Present a future event where you can register
  • Promote an ebook or application to download
  • Promote your services
  • Remind people of your expertise and encourage them to contact you

Of course, the plan for your landing page should be organized around this objective. Create a draft, write down what you want to say or convey. It is by being organized that you will succeed in not cluttering your landing page! 


Identify your target audience, what strategy to use to get them to interact and how to attract visitors to your site!

Define your targets

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Once you know why you want to make a landing page, you need to think about who you are making it for. Depending on your target, your language will be different and so will your design! Once your target is chosen, you need to ask yourself why they will click on your page and how to make them particularly drawn to it. 


The visitor must feel comfortable on your page and browse it naturally. The goal is to get them as far as possible in the process, so take a good look at your target’s needs and desires in order to generate as many leads as possible!

Essentials for your landing page

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To build your landing page, you have a few elements that are always present and very important to achieve your goal.


If you want to be sure to capture attention, you will have to choose your title well! Ideally, you should also choose a title that will promote the natural referencing of your page, in order to reach more people. It must represent the content of your page, otherwise, visitors could be disappointed!


Don’t neglect the choice of images or illustrations either. Of course, make sure you have the right to use the images you choose. The images must also illustrate the content of your page, they must bring coherence and harmony, depending on the design you choose. 


To accompany these images, write the heart of your landing page: the text aimed at reaching your target. Do not hesitate to use different copywriting techniques to make your text qualitative! There’s no need to write pages and pages: get to the point but don’t be too blunt.


The famous call to action, more often in the form of a button redirecting to a product page or a contact form. It should not be placed randomly but it should be clearly visible! Your objective is that the visitor ends up clicking on it. Don’t give any unpleasant surprises: before clicking, the visitor must know what he is committing to. If they don’t, they might give up or run away.

Making a landing page : your design

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The landing page should be pleasing to the eye or at least not a visual disaster! First of all, the most important thing is to know where we are: make sure that your logo is present in your page, and that it reflects the branding of your company.


Arrange your page harmoniously! The steps should be natural and the path should be laid out to the call to action. Create the path you want the visitor to follow: don’t put too much text or too many images, your page could look too busy. If this is the case, it could even take longer to load on mobile or computer, which would be catastrophic!

Use the tools at your disposal!

Fortunately, today we have a lot of tools that make our life easier for our creations. To make your landing page, you can use a multitude of tools to simplify your work! Whether it’s image banks for your photos or sites that help you create your page, you no longer need to have a lot of coding knowledge to make an effective and impactful landing page.


You will still have to give your time to make this page qualitative. If you can’t afford it, BStaff and its experts can take care of the creation of your landing page! Don’t hesitate, contact us now!

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