Event in 2021

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This year, the events sector will not yet be able to fully spread its wings. Because of the health protocol, prganizing a large-scale event in 2021 is impossible.


But it is not impossible to bounce back! There are many alternatives available thanks to technology and often these are more practical than a large traditional event.

It will therefore be necessary to give priority to small local events or to transform them into digital events. But there are also other tracks to follow…

Small local or outdoor events

If you really want to organize a 100% physical event, you will have the opportunity to do it in a small group while being sure to respect the sanitary protocol. Indeed, no one would appreciate a poorly organized event where they would risk damaging their health. Also, the participants would be delighted to have a pleasant and safe time.


Personalize your event! If you are planning to invite artists to your event, make sure to focus on interacting with the audience. Of course, since human contact is not possible during this period, consider question-and-answer sessions or interactive quizzes! 


If you want to offer a real show to your participants, you can always hire actors or artists who can perform outdoors.

Phygital event

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A phygital event, as its name suggests, is a mixture between a physical event and a digital event. It can also be called a “hybrid” event. It consists in gathering part of the participants on site, in small groups, and the rest connect via their home computers. 


This kind of event in 2021 allows people who can, to attend the event directly in physics if it is not far from their home or if they cannot attend it remotely. On the other hand, people who are unable to travel can attend the event from home! 


This could be a seminar, a conference or a congress. In this case, it would be necessary to use a platform designed for this type of event and, above all, to have an impeccable organization in order to make the virtual experience as engaging as the physical one!

Go digital for your event in 2021

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You already know them. Since the very first lockdown, they became more than popular: digital events! Whether it’s a webinar, distance learning or simply a meeting between colleagues, digital technologies cover almost every type of event. You could organize a live product presentation, present your services or even organize a conference. What’s useful with digital events is that you can always keep track of them: you can give your audience the opportunity to see your event afterwards!


In addition to being useful for the current situation, digital events also help to reduce pollution. Environmental protection is, fortunately, more and more present today and digital events delight the ecology. 


There are several advantages to organizing a digital event. In addition to the ecological side, the organization is much simpler than for a physical event. Accessibility is no longer a problem for people with disabilities and the scope of your event is increased. In addition to modernizing, you will be able to optimize the profitability of your event by saving time and money.


Even if we can no longer meet as we used to, we can still exchange opinions and learn through technology. BStaff can help you organize your digital event to make it easier and save you even more time! Feel free to consult our different services.