B STAFF - B2B Digital Marketing Agency

B staff is a Global Influencer Agency and offers a complete Three Pillar Social Media solution to fully accompany your company with its B2B social media strategy. In this section, you will find everything you need to hire your digital influencer, community manager, optimized article (SEO), and other digital services.


B STAFF is the global influencer agency that will help your company to export anywhere in the world or improve its local sales. This service includes fully defining your B2B social media strategy, the Influencer Mapping and Management all along the campaign. Click below to know more.

Community Managers

Future is now and your company should be on social media. Let our professional team take care of your social media account. We produce professional content and design and image treatments to help you creating more engagement with your community. Click here to know more.

SEO Optimization

Improve your search rankings, get more leads and sales growth through organic traffic. How we can do it? By picking the right keywords and creating excellent content that fits exactly to your business. Contact us to know more starting seeing your business growing now.