Hire a bilingual hostess, waiters and other event’s services with B STAFF.

B staff is the Global Hostess Agency that offers a complete solution for companies who want to export. So, let our Events and B2B Marketing team take your company to the next level on your marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to hire a hostess: Contact us to learn more.

Hostesses for Trade Shows

Hire a hostess to present your products with excellence and filter the leads for you. They are real brand ambassadors and add life to the stand. It is essential that hosts and hostesses know who your prospects are from day one, and give them special attention.

Promotional Models

Promotional models are brand ambassadors that meet esthetic requirements. Bstaff is an approved talent agency. Therefore, we can work with brands who promote equal opportunities and that do not violate certain rules. Work in confidence thanks to our professional licenses and certifications.

Translators & Interpreters

We're experts in multilingual talents. This allows you to offer considerable added value to your company and sign contracts with foreign clients. That is to say, having a professional at your side who speaks your client's language is a great advantage for your company. B STAFF offers live and online Translators and Interpreters.

Security Agents for Events

It is very important to give your audience maximum security at each event. B STAFF offers a wide variety of security measures for the most diverse types of events. We offer staff and equipment for all types of events adapted to the new safety and hygiene measures related to Covid-19.

Waiters for Events

Whatever is the size of your events, hire waiters to help with your catering needs to lift a weight off your shoulders. An experienced waiter will be able to serve guests, help organize meals, prepare tables and clean up afterwards. Ask us for more information about our waiter and waitress team today.

Bartenders & Baristas

An effective event bartender can often be the key to a successful reception. A good bartender will ensure that your bar runs smoothly and that your drinks are mixed evenly. He or she will also make sure that your event meets the most stringent requirements in terms of location and participants.