3 Tips To Succeed In A Digital Events Environment

While the health crisis has suspended many trade shows, corporate and personal events, some of them were able to show their ingenuity thanks to the various virtual tools at our disposal. BStaff gives you 3 tips to adopt the right strategy to succeed in your digital event. 


Essentials of a digital event: video conferences and webinars

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They’ve been essential since the beginning of the coronavirus health crisis, the videoconferencing system has become the most obvious solution to continue our activities: working from home, remote courses, and much more within reach when we are stuck at home. 


Numerous software programs such as Zoom, Skype Enterprise, Join.me, or Webinar Jam have made their mark on the videoconferencing industry by offering free means of communication for individuals and other paid services for businesses.

One can exchange freely, just like in a meeting, but with the comfort of your home! However, the organization of a digital event through videoconferencing requires several criteria to be taken into account.


Truly, it is important to be organized and prepare its speakers as well as conference planning. It is also necessary to allow participants to interact during the event through questions on a dedicated chat or emojis reactions.


Having a Social Media Strategy

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Whether in the B2C or B2B market, social networks play a predominant role in the new organization of your digital event. They allow their users to share personal and also professional interests. Therefore, Social media is an essential tool in the creation of a contact network, be it between event providers, suppliers, and customers to finally develop the marketing strategy.

Although each network has its own type of content, it will allow your digital event to develop the following points:

  1. Increase your company’s visibility through posts or stories
  2. Establish direct contact with your peers through instant messaging
  3. “Humanize” your brand by putting online content that can bring you closer to your customers.

Social networks will be more important for your monitoring. It will be essential to create a blog or a newsletter and to ensure a natural referencing of your content. Another great idea is to ask exhibitors or Events organizers to advertise your content in the form of sponsored content or advertisements.

Also, don’t forget! An event, whether physical or virtual, is worked on and maintained from the very start to the end. Don’t hesitate to use your community and the sharing features available on the networks to promote your virtual trade show to a wider audience.


Hiring qualified staff for your digital eventdigital event, community manager, influencers, moderators, digital marketing, communication agency, digital agency

It is clearly important to be accompanied by qualified staff who are comfortable with digital technology to host and moderate your digital events.

Events and digital marketing agency for more than 7 years, BStaff provides you with the best talents adapted to your project and provides different offers to boost your marketing strategy. 

Need someone to host or simply moderate your digital events?

BStaff can provide “Webinar Moderators”. They are real hosts and hostesses trained online who will know how to manage your digital event gracefully.


For your interviews and online events, we can also provide you with “Live Translators”: these are interpreters who will translate your speech, live! To meet the market’s expectations, appropriate measures have been set up.


In addition to this, BStaff offers a “Digital Influencers” mapping according to your campaign’s objectives and target audience (age, demographic area, income, and main interests).


If you are interested in these three services, a few online searches and a comparison of the offers will allow you to find the ones that best fit your digital event.

For example, Bstaff offers a 360° solution with the event and digital offer to facilitate the organization of your digital or live event.