How to choose the right influencer for your company?

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What if digital marketing is more influential than we think? It’s no longer a secret that in the last few years we’ve seen the rise of new professions and a new way of living, especially in this field. Today, being a community manager, blogger or influencer is one of the many jobs that are booming. A sector that since the containment has exploded, since Internet has become a means of communication, entertainment, a landmark for some and a real marketing strategy for others. Digital is so much impacting our lives that we should not underestimate it, on the contrary, it is the right time to invest if you want to acquire more visibility and notoriety.

Today we talk about influence marketing and there are different ways for a company to invest in digital to gain more visibility. This will make a difference in the minds of your parties:


Paid Advertising on Social Networks

 Advertisements on social networks are more and more common on our Facebook, Instagram and other pages. When you watch stories, videos, or scroll through your social networks, ads targeted especially for you appear. And yes, that’s no coincidence! You’ve looked at airline tickets just before, and your ads are related to travel? Coincidence? Absolutely not! 


When a company wants to boost its product, its page, they often use paid advertising. A fascinating tool, because you can choose the exact audience you want to target: age, profession, hobbies, country, gender. The filters are very interesting and the algorithm sets up quickly. Of course, the more detail you go into, the smaller but more precise the audience that will be reached by your ad. An important detail, because in the end, it’s not so much the quantity of people that will be reached that you have to look at but the quality of it. 

A boosted publication towards a good audience can only bring you positive results in terms of both visibility and awareness. Of course, your publication/advertisement must be well thought out and well done, because advertising is not everything. Propose good content regularly and you will see your community grow and above all remain loyal! It is therefore necessary to invest over time to get good results. And don’t forget, interact with your community because that’ s your greatest strength.

Nano and Micro Influencers


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Advertisements can sometimes be insufficient, so companies turn to influencers and bloggers. New professions that are sometimes neglected due to the new consumption patterns and trends in society. And yet! These are real jobs that should not be neglected in any marketing strategy. Indeed, they are jobs that are constantly interacting with their communities that are growing day by day. 

The advantage of influencers? the word says it all, their power to influence their audience! More and more companies are calling on influencers to gain visibility and therefore succeed in impacting a specific audience! 

When buying a product on the internet, your customers now tend to look at reviews to be sure that the product or service meets our expectations before making the purchase. This is the little extra of the internet! Knowing what consumers really think of the product right now.It is more complicated, when buying directly in a shop, to have a “neutral” opinion from a consumer, apart from the mouth-to-mouth effect. This is why micro as well as nano-influencers will have an impact on brands. They have an important power of influence because their communities trust them very much.


Number of followers vs. engagement rate

Influencers with fewer than 100,000 subscribers have a closer proximity to their communities than those with more than one million. These are real celebrities who will require a heavy investment from the brand without necessarily justifying them in return for a commitment to the customer and even less in conversion rates. 

It is important to choose the influencer that corresponds to the company, its values but especially to your product. For example, offering a product placement on maternity to an influencer who has no children will not have a great impact on their community. Indeed, very often, communities have similarities with the person they follow.

Likewise, to know if you are choosing the right profile for your business, the number of followers is not the only criteria to look at. You also have to look at its engagement rate as well as its audience. Is it a profile that gets a lot of reactions and comments? Is there constant interaction? For example, in analyzing Kim Kardashian’s engagement rate on Instagram, we found that it is only 1.47%. A very low figure despite her millions of followers. 


Influence Marketing 


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Influencers have different ways of promoting your company or products:

  • By the publication of post: Photo with the product, followed by a caption going into more detail or the realization of contests.
  • By lives/Story : Very catchy ! Especially if the influencer tries the product live to show that he completely trusts you and therefore his community can be too. 
  • Invite them to events! An interesting solution: if you invite for example 4 or 5 micro influencers, they can make you reach a visibility around 5000 people, without actually “inviting” them. 


Of course, there is a cost to this strategy. But surely it’ll be lower than inviting 5000 people to an event. That’s why you need to know how to choose the right profile and the right audience! Remember, Bstaff can help you with your influence strategy.


Influence marketing is tomorrow’s future. Your customers need to be reassured by your company, to keep in touch with your news, its products before making a purchase. You can convince them by these two methods, which in both cases will give you greater visibility.