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The Purpose Game, Why it’s so important to know your mission?

I’ve tried The Purpose Mining Game and after figuring out all the incredible information about my mission in this world I decided my first article here should be about that.

So, what is the Purposing Mining Game, and how that can help you?

The game is played with different people, you don’t necessarily need to know them, you just need to open up and try to completely share whatever the game tells you to.

Each participant gets a few cards, they are separated by 7 different themes: me, virtues, values, needs, pain, behavior, and skills.

My personal experience 

The game starts when the first participant rolls the dice and chooses her first card according to the box the dice stops to.

My first card was: « me » and I had the card: « autonomy » in my hands. That made so much sense! Young entrepreneur since I was 20 years old, running my own company almost by myself for the past 7 years and felt a little overwhelmed, the next card I got was “need help”.

Impressive! I could use an extra hand!  

Coincidence or not, the game was right. At some point, we all need to understand there is no problem with letting go of control a little bit and simply ask for help when you need it. 

I was getting closer and closer to my mission… Need help meaning: time for hiring new staff and internal employees!

More than the professional side, the game can also go very personal, I got other cards like Being appreciated, teamwork, being a leader, and bring people together.

All these cards should be discussed by the person who got the card and the other participants should attentively listen to it and don’t tell their opinion or show any judgments. This was rule number one and it was particularly good because we felt comfortable talking and not feeling judged since everyone had their time to talk too.

The more cards you get the clearer the message is, even though a lot has been discussed not only about me but also about the others and lots of information has been shared.

This is why after about 3-4 hours of playing, (it seems long but we were all so focused and happy to dedicate there time to ourselves) we had to finish the game and our homework was to the thing it all over and meet the coach again in a few days for a personal session.

With my crazy-busy routine I didn’t really had much time to think it over but I confess on my way back to the office I felt the need to be alone with my own thoughts and decided working from home that day.

The game makes you feel more introspective which can be good for learning more about yourself.

When the day of my personal session came, I was really positive and excited to it. Finally I was going to talk again to the Purpose Mining coach and by discussing about what happened in the game we came up with the following sentence:

” I, Bruna, want to reunite different cultures, promoting the socialization of youth and events’ professionals, because I believe in a world of more empathic people, who feel integrated and valued “

After that, I understood why helping a stranger lost in the streets of Paris or São Paulo, or seeing people who worked with Bstaff become friends after a mission, made me happy. I was very grateful to be able to practice it through my work in events.

The Purpose Mining Game opened my eyes for many things and I personally recommend it to whoever is feeling taken by routine, lacking motivation or just looking for some self-awareness. 

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