Influencers: Does it really work?

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For a few years now, influencers have been making their mark on the web. Companies now use them to promote their services and products. If you are looking for a communication agency, you’ve come the right place ! Influencers generally have a very large reach due to their number of subscribers. They pretty much follow their news on a daily basis. They can recognize themselves in these influential people who share little slices of life with their community!


Influence marketing plays on this concept: the more generations pass by, the more influential people become popular and followed thanks to their social media account.



How do Instagram partnerships work?

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To find THE right influencer for your Instagram partnerships, you’ll need to do some research. Depending on your target audience, there are a few steps to follow. You are not going to ask a video games influencer to advertise your mechanical tools. You need to find a person who is into your company’s theme: if it fits and is credible, the advertising will be much more effective! Don’t forget that an influencer’s community resembles them, so they will have the same interests. The approach must be based on a well thought social media strategy. 


You should also think about your budget. On different platforms, prices may vary. They are generally set at a specific price per 1000 subscribers for an Instagram paid partnership. These prices can also vary depending on your social media strategy, budget and each influencer. 


There are several ways to recruit an influencer. You can go through a specialized communication agency, such as B Staff, or contact them yourself through direct messages on the different platforms. However, this could take longer and you are not insured in case of a problem. 


You will also have to take into account several points. Check the commitment of their community, look at possible partnerships that the influencer may have made with other brands/companies… And make sure of the seriousness and involvement of the person in his sponsored posts or stories.


Social networking strategy: choosing the right platform

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And concerning the platform you want to turn to: the choice is wide!


Instagram is unquestionably the most used platform for influence marketing. Indeed, it is quite adapted with the system of stories and identifications in the posts. It’s a bit like the house of influencers, because this is where you’ll find the most of them! There’s something for everyone, whether it’s for cosmetics, clothing, food or science: the horizon is wide and there’s an influencer for everything. So because it’s the most popular social media at the moment, there’s a huge activity on it!


In addition to Instagram, influencers are also on another platform : YouTube. Again here, the horizon is wide, there are channels for everything. The way it works is different, because the concept of YouTube resides in the video content: here, it will be about product placements. They can be subtle, but they can also be the subject of a few seconds or minutes of pure advertising. 


Discount codes

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A technique widely used to generate traffic on your site, regardless of the platform, are promotional codes! 10, 20, or 30%, it’s only up to you and it’s your influencer’s work to pass on this promotional code which will generally contain his name in it. This technique is particularly attractive, because not only does the influencer promote your product, but he also attracts his community by offering a valuable discount!


But influence marketing doesn’t stop with influencers! There is another category of people, called ambassadors.

Ambassadors will often be people with a little less influence and more specific community. Unlike influencers, they will have loyalty to your brand.

Generally, they become loyal when they have been satisfied with your services or products. They will then be able to, for example, retweet you on Twitter, share your website’s articles or even put the link to your site on their biography.


The ambassadors then become directly attached to your brand and are for the most part loyal to it. An influencer will be able to advertise for a number of companies while an ambassador has an almost emotional relationship with your services or products! 


Why call a digital marketing agency?

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The influencer’s job will be to advertise your company and acquire a good brand image according to the social media strategy set up by your communication agency. This not only saves you time, but also money. Now that this practice has reached a great popularity, the returns on investment are in most cases very positive on the medium to long term. 


By choosing the right people, your notoriety will explode and your image will be more polished than ever! Influencers or brand ambassadors will give their opinion on your products or services. This will have the effect of bringing new customers and in some cases, they can bring you a lot of them.

In case you select an influencer with a great reach, it will have a very positive impact on your SEO. You’ll see the traffic to your site successfully and visibly increase! 


Contacting an influencer is a much more efficient technique than simply broadcasting your ad on a display. As you might know, ad blockers play a negative role on this kind of strategy. That’s why calling on people with the same interests as your brand is a safe choice, because the audience is directly targeted. 


B STAFF, an influence and communication agency in Paris, offers you just that: we select an influencer who fits your company perfectly and we help with the organization and planning of the posts. In addition to monitoring the performance of the campaign and the KPI’s. So don’t hesitate any longer: get started with influence marketing now!


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