Top 5 : best practices for a successful event post Covid-19

people respecting social distance at events

Every year, events attract more than a billion participants. It generates a multiplication of human flow but also an important growth of products. A significant flow. Why ? Because many of these events have an impact on our ecological footprint. Without necessarily realizing it! Ecology is at the heart of our current life. The world finaly has become more conscious of protecting the environment. An awareness that is more and more reflected in our lifestyle. It’s why it became harder and harder to make a successful event.

As a result, people are more attracted to products or services that allow them to have a good conscience. Especially since the arrival of the pandemics.  A difficult period putting all sectors affected or not by the events to a standstill. This requires agencies to think about the future. Also establish new protocols to protect all stakeholders and avoid any risk of contamination. A change that requires a degree of adaptation both internally and externally. Because it is founded on the problem: How to make sure that you have a successful event since the appearance of Covid-19? Will companies manage to combine events and the environment?  

It may sound complicated, but there are many solutions to make your event successful and environmentally friendly. The current situation can be a hindrance to environmental wellbeing through the new restrictions to be respected during events. On the other hand it is the right time to show and prove that the event industry is capable of it. Likewise, safety and hygiene at future events should not be neglected ! Technology and progress can prevent the spread of the virus. A technology that is easy to use and adaptable for all, which can be the solutions of tomorrow. This is why we present here a top 5 of solutions for the smooth running of your future events.

Top 1: Health and Ecology at the same pace

Coronavirus is teaching us to adapt every day to new restrictions imposed by the government or by our morals. In the event industry, it has been very important to reinvent ourselves. To rebuild the industry, because of the impacts that COVID-19 has left behind. Human contact is not the same and digital has taken up a lot of space. Moreover, it is always possible to make an event successful by respecting the rules and not risking to put other people in danger.

masque par terre, événement qui respect l'environnement, personnel bilingue pour événement

Indeed, we know that masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel are the most sold products at the moment and the most used. To realize a successful event, it is imperative to have these different elements. But how to get them in a way that also respect the environment? Indeed, “disposable” masks are very polluting, as they already can be found at the bottom of our oceans and streets. Disposable masks take about 400 years to disappear into the wild. For this, it is preferable to use cloth face masks or the face shields. The idea is to make people aware the mask is usable many times, washable and not disposable.

To do this, a great deal of work must be done previously to make employees and customers aware of the effects that this can have on our planet from both a human and ethical point of view. A small act, but in reality shows a real positive impact for the respect of the environment. Visors are also a good element to protect oneself and others. So there are two possibilities to replace disposable masks. In addition, it is easy to personalize your face cloth mask with different colors and the company’s logo and thus create a corporate identity. 

In events as well as in everyday life, cups are one of the winning elements in terms of pollution. Several elements can remedy this in the Covid-19 era as in everyday life. For example, biodegradable cups can replace plastic cups even though the cost may be higher, it will prove a real effort by the company and its values. 

A more original solution that the company can provide to employees and customers : Hydro Flasks. Simple and easier to transport water, tea or other juices. As with the masks this one can be created a link thanks to its customization. A goodie with a positive impact both from an ecological and strategic point of view.

These different elements shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle to the event strategy but on the contrary as a challenge and a renewal in the event industry. 

Top 2 : Flow management

Creating a successful event in this context may seem complicated, but we must not forget that some efforts are also tomorrow’s solutions. The control of flows, whether human or not, is one of the biggest challenges from a security point of view. This is why when you create an event, the number of participants must be limited and be as many as possible from the same country as you to avoid any transmission.

Solutions, such as live replay of the event or conducting webinars are possible thanks to technology for those who can’t get there. Indeed, live events permit interaction with the audience and maintain contact with them.  Usually the lives are realized on the social networks of the company which allows to expand the virtual participant number. This concept is more and more developed by companies, especially since the arrival of the epidemic. Also, it allows to put influencers on the live shows and acquire a greater visibility. From an ecological point of view because this reduces travel. 

To avoid some flows, you can buy your products and services on the local market directly without going through intermediaries. The ” one level ” circuits will avoid that your materials travel around the world before it reaches you. This helps small producers and innovators to gain visibility but also to boost your city’s economy. From a strategic point of view, your customers will be sensitive to this approach. 

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Top 3 : Health as a priority

Hygiene and safety are two points that cannot be ignored in the current health context. For this reason, the company must establish a whole protocol, whether at the time of the event or in everyday life. A protocol that everyone must have access to and this in a completely transparent way.  

Concerning hydroalcoholic gels, the company must provide it during the entire event for employees and customers. The hydroalcoholic gels will be put on self-service for use at any time, or assign a bottle to each individual present to make them feel safer in terms of hygiene. We can still establish a link, a feeling of identity, by adding the brand’s logo or to go even further, mention each gel by the customer’s name plus company logo. This would allow individuals to be able to use the gels outside the event and always keep a memory of the brand on them. It is also imperative to guarantee that more vulnerable areas such as sanitary rooms are disinfected every hour. An imperative that must be included in a charter and transmitted to customers, employed to maintain an absolute transparency.

Top 4 : Optimized Safety

Security is also a very important issue in the current context. It must be imperatively respected and follow a  “strict” protocol.  First of all, the complexity is to respect the distance of one meter because this would make a successful event impossible. But limiting contact may be feasible. Providing tables with a distance of one meter can be a solution. Also, take the temperature of each participant at the entrance of each event or room is something that we can do to avoid a propagation of the virus. This can be identified as an extreme measure but it’s indeed necessary to promote security that is promised to the various participants.

Top 5: Tecnologia 2.0

In some big cities we have already been able to use it or have already heard about it in the hotel or restaurant sector: The QR code. Simple and easy to use, all you need is to have your phone with you to be able to place your order, pay or even find out more about the establishment and what it is offering.

This technology makes it possible to avoid giving paper manus to people and by doing that, avoid the propagation and transmission of the virus. From an ecological point of view this is good ! Because we don’t need to print, order new cards for the different menus, or receive tickets because we receive them directly on our mobile phone. A system that shows the progress of technology but which can seem complicated for the most traditional adepts of paper menus. 

Companies can also use information displays. Indeed, these displays can be used to diffuse any kind of information, advertising, image during an event. Useful because the company can choose at the right time what it wants to diffuse and make it more productive if it wants to advertise its event as a partner. 

Other events can take place directly online to avoid any contact but still stay interactive. Companies do this by webinars or through platforms designed directly by the company hosting the event. An adaptable solution to limit the human flow in the current situation.

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Since the beginning of the pandemics, many sectors have seen their economic growth drop. Particularly, the events sector. To rebuild themselves, agencies have had to mobilize and acquire new skills by being more creative and competitive as we mentioned in our last article “How can creative events innovate and bring hope”. As a result, companies have had to focus largely on digital to stay connected with their stakeholders. A human contact that can be gradually re-established through the organisation of events.

Events still have to take into consideration some restrictions imposed by countries. So they can avoid putting the participants and staff at risk.  For this, it’s necessary for a company to be able to keep up and create its own protocol. A strict and transparent protocol in terms of health and safety.  This requires the use of new equipment such as masks, visors or other items.  The objective would be to review the way to create an event so as not to compromise our planet while at the same time creating a remarkable event. 

Covid-19 has allowed us to resource, learn and innovate. But most importantly, to be able to start an interesting and innovative strategy again. Thus, we should not think that the pandemics as a barrier to the progress and the future of the events sector. On the contrary, it can represent new opportunities to be taken advantage of and a reflexion about the environment.