You are currently viewing Travel with us : Around the World testimonials. Discover Italy and Turkey with  Paolo Pietrobon from Fraccaro Spumadoro and Evren Begec from TUYAP Group.

Travel with us : Around the World testimonials. Discover Italy and Turkey with Paolo Pietrobon from Fraccaro Spumadoro and Evren Begec from TUYAP Group.

This week our world tour will take place in Italy and Turkey. Italy is one of the worst affected countries in the world and currently has 225 435 confirmed cases and 31 908 deaths. Turkey has 149 435 cases, including 4.140 deaths. 

In Italy, deconfinement enters its “phase 2” on Monday 18 May 2020, with the resumption of mass and the reopening of shops, cafés and terraces. St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome reopens its doors to the public, symbolizing the return to relative normality in the country.

Italy was one of the first to confine itself at the beginning of March to stop the spread of Covid-19. It will also be possible for Italians to travel freely throughout the country, without any restrictions, except in the event of a resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Italian government will reopen its borders to EU tourists from 3 June and cancel the mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors to the peninsula.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Monday 11 May a new four-day containment to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while stressing that the restrictive measures would be gradually lifted. Turks aged 65 and over welcomed last Sunday their first outing for almost two months and the containment decreed by the government in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

On the other hand, total containment will be maintained over the weekends in the country’s 30 most populous provinces, including Istanbul and Ankara, over the next few weeks. This means that shops will remain closed.

Several messages of thanks were expressed after Turkey had delivered health products to Spain and Italy as part of the fight against the pandemic of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19).

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Thank you for agreeing to find this week the testimonials of Paolo Pietrobon, owner of the famous Italian panettone producer Fraccaro Spumadoro in Casafranco, Veneto, Italy

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and Evren Begec, assistant of the directors at TUYAP, organizers of overseas events and fairs around the world, their offices are based in Turkey.

We continue our virtual world tour, presenting to you new profiles of business people who will share their daily lives during this pandemics. Our team will ask them a few questions about confinement, their days between work and family, see:

“What are the measures taken by the government in relation to Covid-19?”

Paolo : ”To close all the restaurants, shops, malls, shops, 2-3-6 weeks depending on the ares. It was a real lockdown but it was the best way to fight covid-19. Since people are really afraid of it; After these 8 weeks of lockdown we finally feel safer and we’re happy.”

Evren says: The first step was to close the schools and started  homeschooling. Then stay home policy started and people suggested doing social distancing. After sometime curfew for people over age 65, under 20 and those with chronic illnesses came. The government has imposed a two-day weekend curfew in 24 provinces. Lately government has announced they will reduce COVID-19 containment measures and outlined the steps to start post-coronavirus normalization. Last week curfew restrictions for people over the age of 65, those with chronic illnesses and young people under 20 years old were eased. On certain days for a certain time period, each group is allowed to leave their homes remaining within walking distance and wearing masks. Shopping malls reopened only after 2 month closure.

“In your opinion, are these measures sufficient to deal with the virus?”

Paolo : ” Yes, I believe they are. Because the police was outside and they were on the streets to advise people and give them many fines. Mainly in the north because in the south it was a little bit better, maybe because it’s less touristic during this time of the year. The first case started from the north, and he has a lot of connections. The big problem here in Italy was the public health service, many people needed the ventilators, we needed doctors, nursers, more than 100 doctors died during this pandemics. It was really a bad situation. Now in Italy, they are discovering a new way to fight it, it is thought the plasma, with the blood, they will inject the blood to the positive and they fight the covid-19; this is a new strategy. 

Our team asks: “How are they getting this plasma? “

Paolo : ”People are donating it. They are happy because they are lucky to be alive so they donate it for free.”

Evren shares her opinion: “Although Covid-19 is not the first pandemic in human history, today’s picture was not predicted when it first seen in December 2019, in China. To survive the pandemic became the primary concern in the world now. The governments took similar actions. We  have become more aware of the best practices during a pandemic, washing our hands to keeping social distance. We have learned a lot from Covid 19 and it seems like we will be learning more.” 

“How is the containment for you in the current context in your country?”

Paolo works in the food sector, he stayed open and testified : ” When do you say now, until today we’re in lockdown. Everyday I go to the factory, to the warehouse and it is a very strange situation. It’s like being in a movie… Really! Seing anybody on the streets, doing jogging, everything is empty. 

Our numbers are 50.000 thousand inhabitants 54 positives in Casafranco, Veneto, the city where I live. People are really respecting the lockdown. People only go out to go to the supermarket and they all work from home, only people who have essential jobs stay outside so that reduces the risk.”

Evren says: For the last few days the numbers are going down in Turkey. 

“Can you explain your typical “containment” day?”

Paolo used to travel a lot for his work. It was a big change for him to stay at home for so long. He testifies to his new rhythm of life: “During the week I don’t feel the difference that much, I go to work, come back home for lunch so it’s basically the same when I am in Italy. But the weekend is really different, cause usually you go out with your friends, you go to the restaurant, you go

somewhere for the weekend. I used to travel the world for the business so staying in for 8 weeks is a long time indeed.”

Evren shares: It’s been 60 days since I am at home. The weekdays I wake up get dressed as I am going to my home office. I have breakfast with my daughter. Then I check my mails, read until lunch time . After lunch I try to spend some time on my balcony , have my coffee there to get some fresh air. I am lucky to have a balcony. In the afternoon I have zoom meetings with my colleagues and join some webinars. I do Pilates 3 days a week. On Saturday I do cleaning and Sunday usually. I cook something special.

“If you have children, can you explain how their care is different from the usual?”

Paolo has a daughter and the situation is painful for her : “The school has been closed since the beginning of March and since then his life has changed a lot. She does a lot of work at home while her classes are given by video. Her life as a 14-year-old girl is completely different: she no longer sees her friends or her teacher. “

We don’t know how long this will take. Maybe they will reopen the school in September but we are not sure, nothing is sure by now. 

Evren tells us : “My daughter is a very social kid and she was taking yoga , piano and drama classes every week. And she was in municipality choral and had gatherings every week. Now she is at home all the day. From last week we can go to park once a week. At home she does yoga by her own. Me and my husband  play with her during her breaks. We do a lot of art works. She has online meetings with her friends. Unfortunately spends quite a lot of time on screen because of the lessons and friend talks.”

“After all this ends, will you make any changes to your lifestyle? ”

Paolo : “Absolutely, I travel a lot and I think I will stay more in Italy at least until October… Probably only next year I will restart traveling again. During this time the government also came in aid to independent workers and unemployed people with an aid of 600€, that’s not a lot in my opinion,  so that made me reflect how lucky we’re to have everything.” 

He was honest: “Even though right now I’m not buying anything, maybe a few things on Ebay or Amazon I think when things go back to normal I won’t change my consumption habits and keep doing some shopping every now and then. It makes me feel good.” 

Evren is a practical woman, and she answers: “Obviously minimum one year we will spent more time at our homes then outside.”

“Last question, do you have any particular advice for people who are still to cope with this period at home?” 

Paolo thinks that you have to be patient : “If you have a big house with a garden you are ok but with a small apartment it should be hard. I’m lucky to be able to come to the office every day. But the only way is to be patience and use the masks the gloves. Be patient, because you know we know when it starts but we don’t know when it end. It will only end when the recovery numbers are higher than positive numbers so be patient.”

Evren says : “Firstly, we will have to learn living with the situation of Covid – 19 and stop complaining about it. It is a period that we should live and it will end sooner or later. Although I know it’s difficult. I strongly suggest not to follow the numbers every day. Try to find an activity to relax ; cooking , reading, gardening, sports, yoga. This time can be a good chance to develop our talents.”

On these messages of hope, we must admit that once again this health crisis is not being managed in the same way by everyone, given the job, responsibilities and current context of each of us. Evren and Paolo have demonstrated this to us each in their own way by taking us on a journey through their professional and family routines. 

This week is the last week we take you on a trip with us. We hope you enjoyed the testimonials published weekly throughout the month. We hope we have succeeded in showing you different horizons in an interesting and participatory way by addressing a global and topical issue. It is a theme that is close to our hearts because it concerns us all on a global scale. Bstaff believes that it is by sharing information between countries that we can collectively make the best choices for a common future.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or to share your experience.  We will be happy to answer you.

The important thing is to protect yourself and others from this virus, to prevent the spread of this pandemic. 

If this round-the-world series has you more, stay with us for future articles!