Digital staff, companies look for a solution for the crisis

Digital staff, companies look for a solution for the crisis

Bstaff has been providing hostesses and also online translation services for over 7 years now. And in this period, we need to ensure the safety of our team.

As a solution during the sanitary crisis, we now hire online translators, digital influencers, webinar moderators, and other online services for events.

It was a lot of measures in order to adapt and keep providing you our services but now from home. 

Since our creation, Bstaff organized a team of experienced bilingual hostesses and translators in order to meet clients’ expectations. Always keeping in mind the economical and intelligent staff solutions. 

Digital staff: online translation on demand

Our team is experienced and committed to offering you high-quality services. With our large network of translators, we guarantee quality work at a competitive price while respecting delivery times.

We rely on values ​​such as dialogue with our customers, rigorous professionalism, optimal quality of service, and the reliability of our technical resources,

Making sure that your confidentiality is respected at all times. At Bstaff, your projects are in good hands!

9,846 million words translated

We have worked for years with different companies all over the world that can testify our expertise: more than 9,846 million words translated from all types of documents.

Bstaff has worked with translators from many different nationalities. We prioritize mother-tongue translators: American translators, British translators, French translators, Spanish translators, Portuguese translators, Italian translators, and Arabic translators.

A solution adapted to each project

Each project is unique, Bstaff offers its customers a tailor-made solution that meets technical and budgetary requirements while respecting quality and deadlines.

In a context where technologies evolve and users’ expectations are increasingly high. Thus, Bstaff is a multilingual expert and is committed to offering the best service.

Our goal is to be, for institutions and companies a privileged partner and a guide in their international development.

Order your translation now with a few clicks and Bstaff takes care of the rest, we guarantee you an impeccable quality level as soon as possible.