3 tech solutions that make staff’s work easier during events

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When you hire staff for an event, it’s above all to represent the image of your company. You don’t want your event staff – hostesses, bartenders, agents… – to spend most of their time performing “technical” tasks. By equipping them with high-performance tools, you help them focus on tasks with higher value. For instance : being available and at the service of your audience.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of tech solutions that will save your event staff time.

Ticketing and online registration sites

Encouraging your participants to purchase tickets or register online has many benefits that would take too long to detail here. But some of them benefit your staff. Indeed, online ticketing and registration sites partially or totally replace on-site ticketing. This way, your staff can be mobilized on other tasks.

Above all, the ticketing or online events registration allows you to issue e-tickets. Therefore, you’ll have all the necessary data to control the participants who show up at the entrance of your event, in several different ways. We present them in the following section. 

On-site entry control tools

If you have chosen to set up an online ticketing or registration system, you have several options for on-site entry control. They all have more or less important interests depending on the setup of your event. Here are the four main methods and their advantages for your staff:

  • Control on printed list

    • The best ticketing tools allows you to print the attendees list in an intuitive 6-column table: ticket number, barcode, attendee’s last and first name, fare, checkbox. The work of the staff in charge of the entries gets lighter because he or she can easily locate the participants in the list. They check at a glance the validity of the ticket in case of a problem.
  • Stamping from a computer or tablet

    • Some online ticketing tools have a feature that allows you to access the list of participants online. You can check a box when one of them shows up to your staff. Searching by name or barcode makes the security guard or hostess’s job easier and saves precious seconds. Which can add up to minutes.
  • Ticket scanning by phone

    • Using a mobile application dedicated to ticket scanning offers your front desk staff all the above mentioned features. Moreover, it allows you to scan the barcodes of tickets or e-tickets and find out if they are valid in record time. As soon as the ticket is scanned via the phone’s camera, a color is displayed on the screen. Green: valid ticket, the person can enter. Red: Invalid ticket, the participant cannot enter. Orange: ticket already scanned. What a time saver!
  • Ticket scanning with professional terminals 

    • With the same functionalities as the three tools mentioned above, professional terminals can scan a large quantity of tickets in a very short time. This is what B2B events or festivals, for example, use. When several hundred or even thousands of people arrive at the gates of your event in a few hours, this is the essential solution so that your staff is not overwhelmed. Ticket scanning with professional terminals gives your staff the backup they need.

These four tech solutions are easy to learn and require no more than a few minutes of training for your staff.  They have proven themselves useful in numerous events of all sizes and sectors. This is the guarantee of a smooth and fraud-free event.

Cashless cards or bracelets

“Less stress and more sales” is the promise of cashless. Indeed, this technology, now present in almost all festivals, has proven itself for several years. It consists of distributing cards or bracelets equipped with an NFC chip to the participants of an event, which will allow them to pay for purchases by placing the chip against a cashier’s machine.

The solution is easy to handle by your staff because the POS devices are powerful smartphones in which a dedicated cashless application is installed. All over the world, festival volunteers and B2B event hostesses or servers who use cashless are sometimes not very technological. However, they can easily get to know the equipment. Most importantly, they no longer need to count the money donated by participants to pay for a drink, nor do they need to calculate the difference to give change. This saves time and reduces errors as never before – even with tokens!

How to set up your event’s cashless device ?

Usually, the staff is trained for a few minutes. The operation pretty is simple. The participants asks for what he wants. Then the staff person clicks on the visual of the requested item (the price is displayed) : it places the device on the card or bracelet of the participant. The payment is made instantly, the remaining funds on the chip are displayed on the screen. This drastically speeds up the on-site purchasing process and your staff can sell more in less time. As a result, they no longer have to waste work time counting the sales at the end of the day.

If you are interested in these three tech solutions, a few online research and a comparison of the offers will allow you to find the one that best suits your event. For example, Weezevent offers 360° tech solutions ! With online ticketing, access control, cashless and CRM to facilitate the organization of your event. 

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