How to celebrate the end of the year in your company for 2020?

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With the current situation, the corporate holiday season promises to be more different than other years. Indeed, celebrating these holidays in the office could be more complicated than ever because of the pandemic. BStaff, your digital marketing agency, presents to you some alternatives to your Merry Christmas 2020 party while respecting the sanitary protocol!

Outings in small groups

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For this period, outdoor activities are to be favoured, especially if you are numerous! In order to respect tradition and celebrate properly, you could take your company on a Christmas-themed outdoor adventure. 


You have several possible alternatives while being sure to respect the sanitary protocol. Whether it’s organizing a winter barbecue or fun activities, you will be able to entertain your company in order to set up a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will also have the opportunity to see shows by hiring artists or actors for private performances while respecting social distancing, this sector is currently in great difficulty.


There are also drive-in cinemas, where you can watch movies without being locked in a room, which is very convenient in these times. With all of these ideas, you can be sure to have a Merry Christmas in 2020 !

Keeping the Christmas spirit

A Christmas must and always possible even at this time: Decorate your workplace! It’s always good to cheer up your troops with a Christmas tree and pretty light strings. You could install miniature Christmas trees in your offices and take your little Christmas hat to work! In spite of the times, the warm atmosphere of your office will put a smile back on the face of your entire company, making the atmosphere more relaxed. 


This time of the year is also an opportunity to organize small fun contests in which everyone can participate! Engage your company in fun activities like a Christmas sweater contest or ask them to photograph their own Christmas decorations made at home. Don’t forget to reward the winners with a small, well-deserved gift!

Merry Christmas in 2020 : Your company's party

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If you really want to, it is possible to have your company’s Christmas party on your premises. Only, you will have to be careful to respect the sanitary protocol! Hydroalcoholic gel, masks and social distancing: all this is necessary for a successful evening and in the standards.


You will still be able to enjoy a delicious meal in the company with your colleagues as every year! Whether you hire a caterer or go and order in your local restaurant, it is obvious that food brings a smile to everyone’s face. 


If you wish, you can also organize a small draw consisting of randomly giving each other small gifts. This will have the effect of bringing the people in your company closer together: a little attention, whatever it is, always makes you happy!

Merry Christmas from a distance in 2020

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What has become normalized in these times is videoconferencing. If you don’t have the possibility to do face-to-face activities, don’t neglect the virtual! Indeed, the web has many tools and websites allowing you to have as much fun at home as anywhere else. You will be able to toast by videoconference from your home accompanied by all your colleagues taking part in it. 


Whether you do a remote cooking workshop, an interactive quiz or a blind test, the options are endless. You’ll find all the fun activities you need on the internet, or you can just tickle your creativity by proposing something different! Or simply send a short message to wish your colleagues a happy birthday if you can’t participate in these activities remotely.

Sending gifts to each other

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Don’t forget the Christmas spirit! Big or small gifts: it’s the intention that counts. Think about making a gesture to your colleagues to show them that you are thinking of them even in these difficult times. It’s a good boost to morale and it’s always nice to receive a gift, whatever it is! You don’t have to pay a penny if you don’t want to: DIYs are in fashion these days! A small drawing or an object made by yours truly can be even more appreciated than a purchased gift.


And that’s it! You are now ready to celebrate the holiday season in your company. Don’t forget to take advantage of this festive atmosphere to rest and reconnect with your loved ones. BStaff wishes you happy holidays and merry Christmas 2020 !