Creating a blog : why you should do it

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We see more and more websites with an integrated blog. And there’s a reason for it! Indeed, having a blog on your website has many advantages. Even for the largest companies, spreading its expertise while improving the authority of the website is a powerful method to increase your visibility. At the end of this article, you will have only one wish: creating a blog for your website!

Creating a blog boosts the SEO of your website

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Indeed, a blog will help you boost your natural SEO. We know that to judge the quality of a site, search engines rely mostly on textual content. You guessed it! A blog will give you much more material to analyze for search engines. If on top of that, you manage to write readable and relevant articles, consistent with your business, your SEO will be better than ever! 


Don’t think that one or two articles will be enough, on the contrary! Creating a blog remains an investment. You must be regular in order to show that your site is active and alive. It will show the search engines that you are passionate about the subject and that you could interest more than one person. 


On top of that, you will join the large blog community! Indeed, when you establish a collaboration or partnership with another brand, you will be able to talk about each other in a dedicated article. This will provide you with a backlink. If your articles are so relevant that people love them, you might be lucky enough to find the link to your article on other websites.

By creating a blog, you can show off your expertise

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Having a blog also means showing that you know what you’re talking about. In addition to your service page or your product pages, it is always efficient to have a few articles in coherence with what you propose. It is always more reliable to buy a product on a site that is an expert in its field! Reading blogs is the most popular activity on the Internet, with 77% of Internet users dedicating themselves to it. 68.5% of consumers say that a blog adds credibility to a website.


Whether you sell cosmetics, clothing or musical instruments, there is always something to say about your services or products. Follow the trends and get informed! In addition to your current knowledge of your sector, you will be able to find out what people are currently looking for about you, such as what to wear in the fall?

Develop your branding and create links with your customers

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Writing a relevant article is all well and good, but don’t neglect the layout. It must respect your brand image and reflect what you want to convey. If the blog is associated with a good content strategy, it will allow you to improve your brand image. 


Your most loyal customers will be those who buy your products but also those who read your articles. The comment section can sometimes be full of dubious comments, but don’t give up because among them are your most loyal customers! 


Your blog will also attract a new clientele, a clientele as passionate as you are in your sector. A passionate buyer likes to discover new things about his passion, and even more to read quality content about it! If you manage to seduce your prospects with your articles, you can be sure that they will quickly turn into loyal customers. 

Blogging reinforces your content strategy

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The harder you work on writing articles, the more content you will have to share. If before you had a blog you only posted photos of your articles and special holiday publications, you’ll have a lot more to say now!


As said before, blogging reflects your passion for your industry. It gives life to your website and a human side to your brand, because people know that someone is behind it to write about it. You will also have the opportunity to promote your articles on your different social networks: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn… This will not only give more visibility to your website, but also more relevant content to publish on the different platforms you occupy!


Creating a blog for your website can be a time-consuming task. If you don’t devote the time it deserves, you risk to produce a low quality and incoherent content. This is where BStaff can help! Thanks to our subject matter experts, you will be sure to get quality content and finely crafted articles. For more details, visit our services page!

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