An influencer to promote your event

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The influencers, the new celebrities of tomorrow. For some time now, these people we now call “influencers” have been increasingly popular with today’s public. Influencer events are very popular nowadays ! With the Internet and social networks now at your fingertips, countless opportunities have opened up in the corporate world! You had trouble making your event visible, making it known? Don’t hesitate any longer and discover now why you need an influencer for your event.


Influencers will give more visibility to your event

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As you may already know, influencers are influential people who are present on social networks and have a close-knit and above all a very active community! Hiring an influencer to advertise your event will help you achieve the visibility you’ve always dreamed of. Thanks to the social sphere, when an influencer promotes your event, almost all of his subscribers get interested! And the impact is almost ten times more powerful when your influencer is invited. Their community would first of all be thrilled to be able to, perhaps, meet their idol in person. But above all, she will be intrigued by your brand, because for them: she is now connected to this influencer!



Depending on your choice of influencer, and according to the networks he uses, you will be able to see your event promoted on several social networks! The list can be endless: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and many others. 


But you have to ask yourself one question.


What kind of event are you going to prepare?

A mainstream event? An event targeting a specific audience? These questions also count in your approach to recruiting an influencer for an event. There are two types of influencers:


  • Macro-influencers who are personalities followed by a fairly big and diverse community. More often than not, these types of influencers can advertise events that can appeal to all types of people regardless of their interests. 
  • Micro-influencers who often specialize in certain interests. For example, you will find beauty bloggers, sports influencers, influencers who love cooking or budding artists! Their subscribers share this common passion, which makes them more committed.

To make sure you’re not mistaken about what kind of influencer to hire, first focus on what kind of event you want to achieve.


For a mainstream event, you will contact a macro-influencer. That is to say, an influencer with a large community of several distinct interests. 


For a specific event, you will contact a micro-influencer. That is to say, an influencer with a smaller community but who will have a direct influence on his community! For example, for a gastronomic event, you will need to contact an influencer with an interest in food and cooking. Why? Because his subscribers are there because they like their content, so they will inevitably be interested in your event.


Influencers are creative

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Nowadays, an influencer doesn’t just post randomly without taking care of the aesthetics of his page. It is essential to maintain a good image and especially to appropriate a unique style and design. Often, the influencers you will meet have, like you, a graphic charter. But they are not as strict on it as a company: the colors may vary with each publication but the feed remains harmonious.  


Often, an influencer will have a personal brand. Just look at his account to see it and identify his style. When he will advertise your event, he will have the opportunity to create a visual corresponding to your brand and his own personality! This kind of publicity is much less brutal than a simple post containing only your graphic charter. Your influencer’s subscribers are used to the design of his publications! The one containing your advertisement will therefore appear much softer and more familiar to them, which will encourage them to take an interest in it. 


Thanks to certain features now implemented on several platforms such as “stories”, your influencer will be able to communicate directly to his community. This format establishes a relationship of proximity and trust between the influencer and his subscribers: it is therefore a very effective method to leave in the hands of your influencer! All this because he knows his community better than anyone else, he knows what it wants and how to address it.


The influencer’s impact on your event

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Hiring an influencer for your event will not only bring you visibility. If your publicity is successful, your brand image could change radically ! The popularity of influencers is such that overnight your brand can be one of the most popular and trendy in its market. Thanks to this, you will be at the heart of all discussions, your visibility will explode! You will have a younger, more popular brand thanks to this influencer that you hired for your event.


We know that today, social networks have become a great pillar of advertising because the world is becoming more and more digital!


On top of that, your influencer will save you a lot of time. He will take care of a large part of the publicity of your event through his different social networks and the tools that accompany them such as stories for example! You will therefore spend a lot less time wondering how to advertise and then doing it.



In addition to saving you time, your influencer will save you money. 89% of professionals believe that the Return on Investment (ROI) of influence campaigns is higher than other levers. 


You have no reason to hesitate now!



Bstaff offers to find this influencer for you! Going from campaign management, KPI’s analysis and making sure you have the right commitment, we will take care of everything to make your campaign a success. So don’t hesitate to consult our Digital Influencers offer as soon as possible!