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Welcome to the hub of exceptional event management. I am Bruna Barrios – your partner for exceptional events at the 2024 Paris Olympics. With a rich blend of experience and creativity, I specialize in crafting impactful event experiences and PR strategies for American businesses looking to shine in France during this global extravaganza.

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Bruna Barrios, founder of B-STAFF

Why Choose us for Your Event Needs?

  • Experienced Event Professional: With over 8 years in event management and 4 years in digital marketing, Bruna brings a wealth of expertise and local know-how to your Olympic event planning.
  • Bilingual and Culturally Fluent: Fluent in both English and French, Bruna is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap for American companies seeking to navigate the French event landscape.
  • Customized Event Solutions: From corporate gatherings to exclusive VIP events, we offer bespoke services that align with your unique vision and goals.
  • Full-Service Public Relations: Enhance your brand’s presence with tailored PR strategies that resonate with both local and international audiences.

Transforming your vision into extraordinary moments

Our Services

Discover our key services for events. Elevate your Olympic experience with us.

Event Planning & Management

Seamless execution of events from concept to completion, ensuring each element reflects your brand’s excellence.

public relations for international events in france

Public Relations Strategy

Crafting compelling narratives and managing media relations to elevate your brand during the Olympics.

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Digital Marketing Integration

Utilizing digital channels to maximize your event's reach and impact.

Local Vendor Coordination

Leveraging local connections for venue selection, catering, and more to provide an authentic French experience.

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